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Arundel Historic Tours - Give us 45 minutes and we'll show you 1000 years of history

Community Rail Partnership is supporting communities working with their local stations to make stations more welcoming and attractive.

We work to reconnect the community with its railway. The Partnership draws together local authorities, railway companies, Network Rail, Passenger Focus and the local communities to improve the facilities and usage of local railways. We aim to provide better access, facilities and services for local people and tourists alike. We work along selected lines in East and West Sussex and running into Kent and Surrey. We provide information and organise fun events that encourage the local communities to get involved with their railway, especially through station partnerships. We produce and distribute award winning line guides for tourists and local communities which show the attractions and services available at stations and in cities, towns and villages served by our lines. We make special efforts to train young people in using timetables, buying tickets and travelling safely and responsibly on trains. We work with local groups and individuals to bring redundant railway land and buildings back to life. Another way which you can get involved with our work is by volunteering either within a Station Partnership or as a volunteer with the Community Rail Partnership
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